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Track your links in your VCAB

The benefits of hosting your documents online is that you can put a number of links in to your document. These links are able to lead to a variety of places either on the internet or even within the document itself.

Create hyperlinks within your document to send people to various pages which may be of interest to them. If related documentation and information is located further within the document it may be easiest to send people there directly. This will help to encourage people to delve deeper in to your documentation than they may have originally.

You can also have a VCAB link to an email. This allows you to connect all of your marketing communications together and spread your message further.

Almost most importantly, your VCAB document can also link to a web page. This creates a wealth of additional places that you can locate further information for the reader. Link off to various places on your website to allow further exploration by the reader. You also have the ability to link product details in your document to the place where the product is held on your website.

The additional benefit of VCAB is that all of these links are tracked. You know who has clicked, which link they chose and how many times they clicked. Find out the most appealing areas of your document and which products have the highest popularity.

VCAB’s design ability

VCAB is an online based brochure publishing tool, this allows you to create an aesthetically pleasing document without all the costs of printing that you would usually incur.

By hosting your document online you are able to add various interactive features which wouldn’t be possible in a PDF or printed documents. You can add clickable links linking off to your website whether that be for further information or for product purchasing. You can add videos to enhance your story and to visually demonstrate your message in a more interactive manner. You can add various images without the limitations of email spam filters and high printing costs.

The skin surrounding your document can also be edited to allow you to personalise the outside with your company images and design, this allows you to tie all your communications together and make consistent branding across all of your platforms.

The 3D nature of the page turning software allows for a more real feeling document which has pages that bend and move and which can be turned with the mouse. These documents are then more visually pleasing to your end user and make for better reading.

If your document is more aesthetically pleasing people are going to be willing to spend more time on the information provided and are likely to feel that the content is more valuable. VCAB allows you to create and distribute your documents in a colourful and exciting manner without the hassle and expense of printing.

VCAB Tracking and Statistics

Using VCAB provides you with the ability to track and analyse your documents. Gone are the days of writing pages and pages of data without knowledge of who is reading and downloading it.

VCAB allows you to see when someone has downloaded your document and which exact areas they are reading. This is achieved through tracking where they zoom in on the page, the page is separated into quarter brackets so the information you have placed in to each quarter can be evaluated effectively. You can see which part of the page has been viewed at full zoom so they have actually absorbed the content.

You can also add links to products and services via the VCAB document which allows you to give people the opportunity to go direct to the place on your website where the product is held allowing people to make a purchase with as little as 2 clicks. This enables you to greatly shorten the buying cycle and to take advantage of impulse purchases.

You can also see how long people have spent on each page, this allows you to segregate between those who have flicked through the document and skimmed the content and those who have thoroughly read the content.

There are many benefits to hosting your website online but being able to use tracking and statistics is one of the major features of doing so.