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VCAB Features
Packed with the latest technology
The most realistic page turning on the web
PDF to digital marketing solution in seconds

Convert in seconds
Upload your PDFs and our latest technology will transform it into a digital publication in seconds. It will even grab all the links embedded in the PDF. Try it for free.
Reordering pages
Once your publication is created, it's simple to reorder pages. Just drag and drop from our "easy to use" control panel and your publication will be re-ordered instantly.
Edit your publications by adding customer links on each page. You can link to emails, web address or even just another page in your publication. All links are tracked.
VCAB allows you to add all kinds of multimedia to your publication to bring them to life. Video, flash files and MP3 files can all be added. Our team can help you.
Password Protect
Use our Digital Rights Management system to password protect your publication. You have complete control over who can view your publications.
Tracking and Stats
Our dedicated tracking servers will track all the important info surrounding your publication. Page views, links clicked, time spent, even areas where users have zoomed in.
Social Media
VCAB allows your viewers to easily share the publication across all major social networks. They can even send it direct to their inbox with a personal message.
Vector Zoom
Vector zoom provides you with the clearest publications on the net. PDF's are converted to vector giving you unlimited zooming ability without any loss of clarity.
SEO friendly
Any publication you create has the ability to be indexed in major search engines. Each page has the content stripped out and is made avaialable for spiders to crawl.
Archived Search
Each publication allows your visitors to search for content with-in the brochure. We also provide the ability to search other publications in your account.
Page Printing
Lots of text to read through? Make it easier by printing your publication direct from VCAB. Choose either single pages or a range of pages to print.
Thumbnail view
Thumbnail view can be very handy if you have larger publications. Allow your visitors to browse by viewing a thumbnail of each page, make it quick and easy to navigate.
Page Tabs
Add page tabs to the side of your publications. You can customize the look and feel of each tab. They even swap sides as you browse through the publication.
Animated Icon
Each publication automatically generates a small thumbnail preview for you to add to your website. The thumbnail is has animated pages and links direct to the VCAB.
Categorise publications
Got lots of publications to generate? Not a problem. VCAB offers you the ability to create your own custom categories to easily manage all your publicatons.
Skins and Branding
Our VCAB control panel lets your choose from multiple skins as well as lets you tweak logo's and background colours. Resellers can white label the solution.
Contents Page
Create your own custom contents page within the skin of your publication. You have full control of what wording to use and where the links go through to.
Crop Pages
It may be the case that you only have your original PDFs that come straight from the printers. Our system will let you trim off the crop marks with one click.