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Environment       Reduce your printing costs

Can I reduce my printing?
To reduce your printing costs it would be very simple just to say, do not print it. As a business we know it is not that simple just to cut things out completely, so why not find an alternative? VCAB creates 3d page turning versions of pdf documents which means no more printers. As we all know printing is damaging our environment, but it is also a very costly method to getting your publications out to your customers.

But isn’t VCAB expensive?
Ink cartridges do not come cheap, and do not last as long as we would all hope. But when you purchase a VCAB, you pay one fee for your brochure, which is live for a whole year; no additional costs, no visiting the printers and no distribution needed.

Is it easy?
VCAB have created a new clean interface to help customers navigate around our website. You can simply follow the instructions to create your own free trial by uploading a pdf which is quickly converted into Flash. The beauty of a VCAB is that there is no need for hundreds of printed copies; you create one virtual brochure which can then be viewed by hundreds and thousands of people. It’s great, you only pay for the number of pages you wish to use and there you go, it’s yours for a year.

Still not sure...?
Making drastic changes to your business is easier said than done, and may be a risk. VCAB understand that, especially with the current economic climate, making changes is a risky chance to take. All companies, large and small, are finding ways to cut their costs in order to keep business afloat. As you may have seen on our website we have a free trial where you can create your own 3d brochure for, well, free. Simply upload a pdf and our clever software will convert it into Flash in just a few seconds, providing you with your own page turning brochure.

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