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VCAB History

Welcome to We are a fast-growing company specialising in providing online publishing and design solutions that will help your business stand out from the crowd. We have quickly earned our place as one of the leading online digital publishers throught the world.

We provide a high quality service to a wide range of clients, from start-ups to blue chip companies, spanning the globe.

VCAB System

The VCAB system has evolved over five years of hard work, and now offers a full solution catering for all of our clients' needs. Our unique 3D page turning method stands out from our competitors' two dimensional effects.

VCAB was the first page turning solution to offer an instant conversion from PDF via a web interface. Many of our competitors followed suit, however, VCAB strives to stay ahead of the game, and our latest developments prove that.

VCAB the future

Known as one of the leaders in digital publishing, the statistics now surrounding VCAB is staggering, averaging around 5 million views per week.

Pushing technology to it's limits is pivital to VCABs future. We are always building on our server solutions with Rackspace and developing new ideas to keep us ahead of the market.